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Task Summary Notes
Attrib Changes the file attributes of a file or set of files and directories.
CheckDiskspace Reports any local fixed disks that are less than the minimum available space. The default minimum space available is 3GB.
Checksum Calculates checksums for a set of files. Loosely based on Ant's Checksum task.
CodeStats Generates statistics from source code.
Concat A task that concatenates a set of files. Loosely based on Ant's Concat task.
CreateItemRegex Sets project properties based on the evaluatuion of a regular expression.
FxCop Analyzes managed code assemblies and reports information about the assemblies, such as possible design, localization, performance, and security improvements.
GacUtil Installs or uninstalls assemblies into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) by using the gacutil SDK tool.
GetEnvironment Sets properties with system information.
Grep Searches files for a regular-expression and produces an XML report of the matches.
Move Moves a file or set of files to a new file or directory.
UpdateItemMetadata Adds or updates metadata to an item.

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